Chairman's message

    Depends on the angle of view, vision of the future, which is Rui Li Bollywood people based on the humanistic view of a forward-looking and realistic point of view, is Rui Li Bollywood about human development, and about the progress of the world, a beautiful dream a profound thinking.
    Rui Li Bora, since 2005 initially fords the stereoscopic display technology so far, do not feel has gone through nearly 10 spring and autumn, participated in and completed the first in the world and Taiwan "passive stereo TV on the research and development, independent research and development completed the world's first" fully compatible active stereo glasses ", at the same time for our country and even global stereo display technology standard protocol with the core of the wisdom of BollywoodAnd hard work.
    Over the years, Rui Li Bollywood people adhering to the attitude of effort has been unremitting efforts, originally focused on in single product R & D and production, development to today, the industry has covered the series products of the whole industry chain, cross industry special field application products, culture, science and technology more than body, the industrial platform, zero distance intelligent simulation electronic technology by using fusion, and so on.
    Rui Li Bora, as one of the three-dimensional solutions provider is currently the world's most professional, for China and the global stereo industry the popularization and development of innovation plays a crucial role in promoting.
However, Rui Li Bollywood people keep on believing, the dream that believe that science and technology will eventually service to the concept of life, so for human to excellence in vision of life, is Rui Li the real pursuit of Bollywood.
    Earnings are the purpose of the enterprise, but serve the public, promote industrial development, care for the community, care for the humanities, this is our goal and the pursuit of the enterprise.
Based on this, the Rui set Bollywood people do a lot of things within its capacity, from the company's inception, Rui Li Bollywood extensive use of local nationals middle-aged surplus labor as an employee, follow-up and absorb a large number of management changes to the shareholders of the company, to a win-win public long-term planning. The enterprise has implemented loose and generous employee treatment from beginning to end, d the lowest churn enterprise state.
    In the whole supply chain network, the company the full implementation of concept of Pan shareholders behavior, all with vendors from supplier role change for Pan shareholders role, each given pan shareholders to the actual financial reporting and financial budget, and on the level of management, broaden the technical cooperation of Pan shareholders, common compression cost, do very benign mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit.
    Tolerance and progressive corporate culture, given the Rui Li Bollywood very good operation environment, and touch and inspire the staff love feelings, deep awakened people lost years of deep humanistic thinking.
    Rui Li Bollywood for many years in order to realize the enterprise's pursuit, continuous efforts, gradually achieved a number of business:
    For the love of left-behind children and children of migrant workers, Rui Li launched a Bollywood continuous 3D micro dream activity;
    Concerned about education, Li Rui Bollywood launched zero distance intelligent simulation system using electronic technology;
    For the love of humanity, Rui Li Prolab started the local cultural heritage of ancient villages 3D record;
    For medical care, Li Rui launched Bollywood 3D technology with the development of integrated medical platform;
    Have been working hard, this is Li Rui Bollywood action creed, for we've lost now and always adhere to the dream, Rui Li Bollywood will continue to, continued to love life, social care and love of humanity.
    We always believe that the angle of view, and the vision will affect the future!
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