Rui Li participated in the third Bollywood cloud Expo first to experience the latest achievements


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  November 1st, the third China Huizhou things - Cloud Computing Technology Application Expo (hereinafter referred to as cloud Expo) in Huizhou Convention and Exhibition Center opened. Current cloud Bo will be jointly organized by the Huizhou Municipal government, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, the provincial science and Technology Department, based on "the wisdom to the future" the theme of the exhibition, at home and abroad the latest intelligence science and technology achievements homogeneous appearance. In order to fully display the latest achievements, Bo Yun will during the creation of the theme of the exhibition, China Mobile Innovation week, Summit Forum, professional forums, new conference, the project docking will multiple sections, the future of wisdom of science and technology of the development trend of exciting show.

Huizhou city party secretary Chen Yiwei (right) visited the exhibition Li Rui Bollywood chairman Pan Hanqiang (right) to explain the scene

Rui Li Prolab booth
What is the hottest cloud Expo? Things, cloud computing, big data, 4G application and other new concepts has attracted many people's eyes. But Huizhou local well-known enterprises in Guangdong Rui Li Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Rui Li Bollywood) launched the latest 3D home theater series projection equipment, independent research and development of mobile phone app education teach V and its 3D culture media division captured the whole large-scale 3D documentary produced by the ancient Huizhou "the three sets of positive video etc. is quite remarkable. During the exhibition, the Huizhou Municipal Party committee secretary Chen Yiwei visit Rui made Bollywood Pavilion inspection work instruction and also to Rui Li Bollywood booth experience vertical view effect on an endless stream of people.

Rui Li Prolab home theater exhibition area

2D/3D projection is not uncommon, but the formation of the first flash 3D home theater name is loud enough? Rui Li Prolab's new flash 3D stereo home theater, mainly including Q3/Q5/Q7 three models. Both simple and portable Q3 also has to meet the needs of professional Q5, Q7, household, commercial catch all in one draft. Except for the outstanding realistic 3D effects, they are domestic first by passive micro investment + light valve to realize the synchronous display of 2D / 3D projection display products, self change light valve, realize the conversion of 2D and 3D, and Rui Li Bora configuration of professional 3D glasses and wonderful easily lock. This vision does not want to Beckoning welfare, it is difficult to!

3D projection equipment advanced, natural and ultimately excellent 3D company. It is reported that Bo Yun will period, Rui Li Bora 3D culture media division the latest produced 3D documentary the ancient Huizhou "brilliant debut. As domestic the first portion of the ancient village as the theme of large-scale 3D human documentary, the ancient Huizhou "way more than 20 ancient villages fall materials, full range presents the local architectural features, cultural customs, food process multiple aspects. With the production level of high-quality, the film won the 2013 China 3D film and television thematic class two award.

V operating interface

Now mobile app is increasingly popular, social gaming and everywhere, but professional commitment in elementary and junior high school education of application software are still scarce. Under the background of this time, "V teaching" came into being.. As a free interactive educational mobile app, "V" for the home school communication to build up a good educational information publishing platform, also to narrow the gap between the parent-child relationship, plays a important role to cultivate children's good learning habits. Cloud Expo site, many parents take the child to experience. The friendly interface, the diverse function plus the real-time interactive communication, brings the infinite study pleasure.

It is understood that the cloud Expo lasted from November 1st to 3, more exciting may lock Rui Li Prolab booth!

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