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What are the most important factors in the film making? The name of coffee without, but the most important thing is the problem of funds. On the proceeds of the generous film financing, film and television projects financing channels increasingly diversified, investment projects more sort of pure business acumen and rational thinking. For the high cost budget of the 3D film is more so.

5 years ago do 3D, strong capital strength and remarkable courage and directed "Longmen flying a", Tsui Hark frankly: "bold to build domestic first real 3D movies, is to break the prejudice of 'domestic 3D= cottage'. 5 years later, the former power still exists, but the threshold of the film 3D film production has been reduced to a lot of. Professional 3D personnel, the perfect equipment is the main reason, and the diversification of the source of funding for domestic 3D film and television development has injected more vitality and power. The main points are as follows:

3D film production company strength

Now the domestic film and television companies everywhere, but the real strength and generous 3D film and television projects in the filming, still can be counted on one hand. Among them, film, Huayi, bona, light media is a typical representative of. Longmen Fei shot at the beginning, the cost of $35000000 has been considered astronomical, but at present, more than 100000000 yuan of single film investment has been common. In order to called the Chinese model of 3D film, showing their own strength, many large film production companies began to test the water, and in 3D filming equipment, technique, the theme of a bold breakthrough, although a large number of domestic 3D movies go out of the country and awaited, but by virtue of excellent performance and eventually won the film at the box office and the reputation of the win-win is not in the minority.

3D Interconnect with the storm to carry out film (right: Rui legislation Bollywood chairman Pan Hanqiang: Storm vice president Wang Gang left: 3D interconnection, general manager Zhao Peng)

3D film into the new world of advertising financing

Implantable advertising to obtain funds had not a patent production, movies, television dramas, variety and a rising star of the micro film, network such as home-made drama have formed their respective positions. Rough "advertisement broadcast" objectionable, but proper placement of the incarnation "props", but also for to raise funds to provide great support, is a different matter. At present, in addition to the 3D film has a direct box office revenue, other forms of 3D content production and no direct revenue source. In such a situation, why are still so many people to join the 3D micro film, documentary, homemade drama, publicity and other mode 3D content production? With many years experience in the 3D Industry Shenzhen stereo Internet Culture Media Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: 3D interconnection) general manager Zhao shared their own unique views, he said: "even if there is no box office and other 3D content in shoot production also have their respective performances and living space between. Now 3D TV has become a standard, online to see 3D can also be realized, all in theater to meet many loved the 3D content on television, computer, find suitable playback channels. High ratings and lower cost, attracting a large number of advertisers to sponsor investment, which is the most of the film and television production company and actively participate in the 3D micro film, documentaries and other 3D content creation is the main reason. At the same time, many 3D hardware manufacturers to promote their own brand or highlight the content of the selling point, will also produce the appropriate content or actively cooperate with the professional production agencies to carry out 3D content. In addition, with the warming of the concept of 3D, many areas began to change the traditional promotion, 3D vision to build a new business cards are important elements, in this way, and jointly promote the diversified development of 3D content. "

3D viewing mode of traditional viewing mode

It is worth noting that the rise of the 3D viewing mode also greatly impacted the traditional viewing mode, prompting local organizations to actively try to show the latest results in 3D form. Thus, we can clearly see: except for the cinema, now stereoscopic viewing began quietly into the home theater, exhibition halls, museums, libraries, parks and other various occasions, whether public or private space, for immersion experience the aesthetic pursuit of the 3D technology was pushed to a wider range of applications. And these new era needs, but also for the production of 3D content opened a new way.

The country for high-tech format film, especially 3D, the strong support of the film, but also increased the interest of the public for 3D film production. December 2013 "on the" Supplementary Notice of domestic high-tech format film subsidies released, in the box office income tranches way of financial incentives for the film rights, greatly inspired many film producers for the domestic 3D movie investment enthusiasm, but also to stimulate the domestic 3D movie and television works to emulate the high quality and high box office.

With the rise of domestic 3D film content, Hollywood, a single big situation has greatly improved the development of domestic 3D film great potential. As South China the only professional large original 3D video content production base, 3D interconnection targeting the industry initiative, positive and CCTV, Shenzhen satellite TV, Hong Kong TV Tianhua media, storm, reached a cooperation, successively took the ancient Huizhou "," ruminate China "," Lushan Triassic spring "many excellent 3D film and television works, greatly enriched the domestic 3D video content.

With the "treasure entertainment", "Baifa me" and so on film financing mode of birth, alleviate difficulties in financing, promote film making rational development to a new level, which for the higher initial investment of 3D film and television works amounts to fire on Tim salary. Under the favorable policies to support and encourage, with 3D television multi-channel financing mode of gradually forming and raise public television's development, I believe, the future more excellent 3D video content will appear in front of the public!

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