Farce made bollywood Pan Hanjiang: immature 3 d technology to break industry in the future


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  Don't just make a double image merging is 3 d technology, then introduced to market, it will soon give suffocate the 3 d industry.
  Guangdong farce made early Po vegetable technology co., LTD., mainly to do 3 d glasses, involves two important points in 3 d display: display link and watch the link.In recent years, the company's rapid development momentum.In 2006, started to work with Disney, fox and warner.In 2009, in collaboration with philips, LG, etc.
  When it comes to the cause of the rapid development in recent years, press "International before 3 d FAIR 2012" conference had an interview with guangdong farce made Po vegetable technology co., LTD., chairman of Mr Pan Hanjiang.He told reporters that there are three main factors.It is on the technical information, able to obtain the industry dynamics and changes in a timely manner;Second, companies can more quickly for technical adjustment, 3 it is to have a good team doing technical support.Farce made bollywood invested more than 100 ten thousand yuan of streaming media technology research and development, Pan Hanjiang said the firm stand bollywood will be stretched the streaming media technology in the field of 3 d, such as video phone interaction.
  For the current market situation, Pan Hanjiang said, now the whole Europe and the United States market is bad.Due to the 3 d industry also narrow, so they will sights in the Chinese market.The Chinese market is late market of 3 d technology, also is in the process of growth.
  At present, the 3 d TV, 3 d projection have not done every family use.Pan Hanjiang also points out the influence factors, one is content has enough;The other is a 3 d technology that appeared on the market is uneven.
  At the technical level, Pan Hanjiang further pointed out that because the technology is not mature, some 3 d video imaging result is bad, cannot achieve good viewing comfort.In this way, people's perception of 3 d technology will also be affected, accordingly which affects 3 d technology is blossoming in the market.
  "Don't just make a double image merging is 3 d technology, then introduced to market, it will soon give suffocate. The 3 d industry should organize activities of some of the same industry, the industry association to interact with the enterprise, the enterprise and enterprise of akira interact, thus promote the ascension of 3 d technology. In addition, the entire industry to unified standard or way of thinking, to reach consensus, make the 3 d technology has a basic quality request, make things like that. This way, will give people misunderstood a bit less, it is also beneficial to the development of the industry in the future."Pan Hanjiang also puts forward corresponding solutions.
  As the change of market, our firm stand bollywood to extend business areas to the upstream and downstream link, in the field of 3 d stereo projector products, such as stereo camera, the streaming media technology such as deep technical level.
  In operating enterprises achieve economic benefit at the same time, the firm stand bollywood also don't forget to give attention to both social benefits.In may this year, the company held in migrant schools "enjoy the 3 d for the dream of" public welfare programs, 3 d movie at school, let the children also close to awareness and understanding of 3 d images.Plan will be broadcasted in 100 migrant schools this year, 2 years to 3 years in the future will continue to promote, for pushing the two or three hundreds of migrant schools.

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