Rui Li Prolab 2014 exhibition fair in Shenzhen


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15 to 19 May 2014, China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair will (hereinafter referred to as "fair") is about to pull open heavy curtain. The fair on an unprecedented scale. It is understood, the fair will branch field has been extended to 54, covering the range more widely, also a variety of cultural forms, "culture and technology", "culture + travel", "cultural and creative", "culture + financial" fusion, greatly attracted with all walks of life are related enterprises to come to exhibitors, the color is very strong.

Huizhou Fair Exhibition Area

Rui Li Bollywood exhibitors fair site photos

Kyo Fumihiro officially opened the games. At the same time, 3D large domestic enterprises in Guangdong Rui Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Rui Li Bollywood) will carry the new products stereo, 3D solutions to exhibitors. Booth number: Nanshan District 1 Pavilion Huizhou exhibition, welcome to visit!

Guangdong Rui Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is a professional engaged in stereo product development and sales of high-tech enterprises. After several years of development and growth, Li Rui Bollywood has become the world's largest 3D integrated solution provider and provider of 3D culture. In the field of 3D hardware, broaden the company the 3D technology in graphic display, games, PC and other areas of application, and deepen and LG, Sony, Philips and other international cooperation. At present, the products all over the country and the world every viewing corner. At the same time, Rui Li Bollywood has increased in the field of culture especially 3D content creation in the field of exploration and development, a two pronged 3D hardware and content. The company has gradually become domestic large-scale professional 3D content of culture propagation and providers, 3D solutions provider and professional 3D stereo product designer and manufacturer.

The scene shows the 3D documentary "ancient Huizhou" flower

With the further development of 3D technology, Rui Li Bollywood to three-dimensional industry as the core, to the diversified development of composite industry. The company encourages the transformation of technology innovation and R & D results, currently has access to the more than 80 items of independent intellectual property rights, and has a large number of professional team and R & D and production equipment. Since its inception, the Rui set Bollywood (UNIPOLAR) adhering to the "has been in efforts," the corporate philosophy, and actively explore, won the 3D industry a number of heavyweight Grand Prix. In 2013, the company invested large Guoneishoubu 3D documentary "ancient Huizhou" humanities, the industry caused widespread concern. The exhibition fair, exhibitors who will bring surprises.

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