The 2014 ICIF will lead to the development trend of cultural industry


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Objective: in May 19th, 5 days of the tenth Shenzhen fair ended. Whether it is "excitement" or "doorway", the fair will without a you down, while turnover to a new level. According to the organizers and rotating ministries disclosed, the tenth Fair will be accumulated a total turnover of more than 1 trillion yuan, the cultural projects and products total turnover amounted to 2324.99_yi billion yuan and 39.64% compared with the previous growth, exceeding 100 million yuan project total 190 a. At the same time, the export of cultural products is considerable. According to related statistics, this fair cultural products export transactions amounted to 16138000000 yuan, an increase of 30.33%. The total number of visitors to 5079800 people, a record high, the audience structure has been further optimized.

Rough browse digital, the fair will achievements have been quite gratifying; careful, behind the eye-catching achievements, 2014 Fair will guide the development of the cultural industry trend is more obvious.

A fair, into nowadays cultural industry leader

As the domestic cultural field of large-scale exhibition, fair, a rallying cry, all over the country the most representative cultural landscape gathered. The mix of culture and technology and the sparks of the sparks of the collision are surprise.. For the fair, people will be regarded as the vane of the cultural industry, this meeting at the tenth session of the fair has been fully interpreted.

Fair site photos

Plus the international film and Television Animation Industry Summit Forum

2014 during the fair, from more than 20 countries and regions in the world 45 overseas institutions gathered, the 34 provincial-level administrative region almost all the representatives of participating. The impact of a wide range of cultural and technological product variety is the most eye-catching mark of the fair. During the fair, around the very representative material culture and the intangible cultural heritage focus on appearance. Erdos dance, Xinjiang Silk Road, Jilin, Yanbian, Guangxi "Dong Yi" cultural and creative products...... A variety of traditional culture, folk customs, beautiful panoramic view of technology. It is understood, the current ICCIE. New format content accounted for 70% of the participating projects, culture, science and technology and fusion type industry turnover quite expensive, amounting to 1182.88_yi billion yuan, 50.88% of the total turnover accounted for. In addition, culture and tourism combined turnover in the industry also is as high as 230.48_yi billion yuan and above is only cultural tourism industry, the rapid development of the tip of the iceberg.

The fair is not only the cultural exhibition platform, but also on the centralized development of cultural industry under the perspective of dynamic. The fair, excellent Chinese traditional culture, folk arts and crafts the perfect present, filling the "hundred schools of thought contend" lively landscape, which many or inscription project, reflecting nowadays strong cultural heritage protection consciousness. At the same time, many large-scale cultural industry summit forum, conference, release ceremony are ed in this representative industry event for. 2014 international brand micro Film Festival at the fair will be opened on the same day a grand start. May 17, the 2014 China cultural industry project manual "in the fair will officially released live. During the exhibition, 133 news publishers to showcase the achievements of" digital transformation; 997 "China craft art cultural and Creative Award" is also in the fair will produce during the ion of... These important activities revealed ahead of the cultural industry in the future development ideas, but also fair as a huge function of culture industry vane.

Two, fair experience 3D film development potential

As a large cultural industry expo, Shenzhen Fair will watch the cultural exhibits dazzling, also can enjoy the experience of technological and cultural products are also a lot of. Nowadays 3D movie is hot, the fair during the opening ceremony, for the continuation of the people for stereo view of interest, many exhibitors will his most adept "drama" onto the show. Large domestic film and television production unit China Film Co., Ltd., cinema giants Wanda Group of cultural industries, large-scale domestic enterprises 3D Rui Li Bora, well-known projection equipment manufacturer ACTO, Tianjin Fu Feng Da, carefully prepared cinema 3D, 4D Experience Hall, movie theme park, 3D equipment is so. During the fair, 3D, 4D Theater Museum all lined up, huge crowds of people, still interested in reducing. Rui Li Bollywood Pavilion, a variety of the latest 3D glasses, 3D wall TV documentary 3D attracted many people stop to watch.

Rui Li Bollywood Pavilion

Tianjin Fu Feng up to the exhibition area

3D cinema

A major part of the contents of the 3D display is fair. Demonstrated by the Shenzhen City stereo Internet Culture Media Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: 3D Interconnect) is China's first large-scale 3D human documentary the ancient Huizhou "fair debut, has aroused great interest of participants. During the exhibition, Shenzhen City Nanshan District District Party committee secretary Li Xiaogan, Shenzhen Nanshan District Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda, Chen Jun, vice mayor Sai Xian Cao Nanshan District,, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, the production run director chenggongkun etc. many leading to 3D interconnected exhibition, together to watch the "ancient Huizhou" fine color fragments, and gave a high evaluation. Many exhibitors international friends for this documentary also showed no small interest, have a foothold in the watch, and a group photo taken in front of the screen.

3D interconnection area

At present, the domestic 3D film in the number of progress, but excellent 3D content production still has a lot of space for development. From this, the ancient Huizhou, first to the ancient village of theme, the integration of culture and technology as well as the meaning of mining, is a good try. The fair, the latest domestic 3D animation works such as "bear", "submarine general mobilization", "Bao Di and friends" works have also appeared. The combination of domestic animation and 3D technology to build a new brand of animation. This trend and China's current animation culture industry development coincide.

Three, the new technology to promote the traditional cultural industry renewal

When the traditional culture industry plug in the modern "creative" and "technology" wings, it will embrace what kind of tomorrow? Look at the tenth session of the fair, the answer is self-evident.

The traditional culture is the pride of the Chinese civilization.. With the change of the times, many highly valued traditional culture industry is faced with the embarrassing situation of being forgotten. Fortunately, in armed with science and technology, we were surprised to find, a lot of excellent traditional culture is "rebirth", and some of the little-known process has been advertised. The last century 50's comic book can see? Fair site, a specific APP can help achieve this goal. With the new technology, the JINGWAH times also launched JINGWAH cloud shot APP, from a single paper media to multiple digital media conversion. Such a fair case encountered with many times. With the widespread use of WeChat, the use of "communication" become fair touted "propaganda" weapon WeChat. No matter is the interaction or hall "the most beautiful Huizhou" tourism, or the new Blackpool cake, have its shadow.

Exhibition scene

Interactive experience Museum

One of the highlights of tradition and fashion role integration is fair. Traditional paper-cut, for example, according to legend the folk arts and crafts, the earliest in the Northern Dynasties, in recent years gradually decline, become intangible cultural heritage protection. The fair, paper-cut craft shine. Not only full of tricks, many fine works carefully after mounting is also integrated into the design of home life, become a real work of art.

In addition to the main cultural connotation of the fair for science and technology elements also to be fully interpreted. Nowadays popular new technology such as smart wearable devices, sense of control, arc projection, interactive games, robot, 3D display, 3D scanning, "chocolate" mobile power and embodies itself in more or less. Culture and technology highly integrated, to the audience a lot of surprise.

"Fair to everyone is not only a business, it is a transformation of the concept of industrial innovation." Recently, the Shenzhen city design Federation secretary general, Shenzhen design industry park, chairman Liu Zhenru is said. Integrated fruit display, information release, business cooperation is equal to one of the fair, and gradually become the mining market opportunity, promote the optimization and upgrading of industry an important platform. Although this session has been a successful conclusion, but it can bring more expectations just begun.

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