Chinese Rui Li enterprises participated in the twenty-sixth Bollywood Moscow International Communication Exhibition


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The twenty-sixth Moscow International Communications show

2014 May 13 to 16, sponsored by the Claus exhibition company of America and the Russian Ministry of communications in 2014 the 26th Moscow International Communications Exhibition (SVIAZ Expo comm Moscow 2014) at the Moscow Exhibition Center held a grand. As the annual Russia and CIS region's largest professional communication and information technology exhibition, the exhibition by the Russian Ministry of information support, Mr Medvedev's prime minister to visit the exhibition and delivered a speech. The theme and highlights of the exhibition around the communications technology, radio and television, IT viewpoint total of three blocks.

As of 2014, Moscow International Communications Exhibition has been successfully held the 25th, from the world 28 countries and regions of the 543 manufacturers and service providers to come to exhibitors, can be described as to Russia's foreign trade and economic development produced a huge impact. It is understood that the current Russian electronic information products market demand for $8500000000, while its local can only provide $2500000000, the rest are required to import to address. Communication equipment demand accounted for the first, about $3000000000. The bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Russia has steadily developed, and has maintained rapid growth for six consecutive years, and a record high of five consecutive years. Russia is currently the eighth largest trading partner of China, Russia's fourth largest trading partner. In the export of Russia, the largest increase in electromechanical and high-tech products. Have good potential and development prospect.

In this exhibition, Russia's most important national telecom operator mobile Telesystems radio frequency centre of the central federal area, Sagem Communications Group, international communications companies Alcatel, Lucent, Dolby Digital, Rittal, Cisco, cable Nepal have exhibitors. The display area of 24253 square meters (Russian local enterprises exhibited an area of 9383 square meters, foreign enterprises exhibited an area of 4187 square meters). Well-known enterprises in China Guangdong Rui Li Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. as the most professional 3D project settlement business and stereo product development of high-tech enterprises, in stereo imaging hardware, application field of three-dimensional technology, three-dimensional culture media have made outstanding contributions.

As the leader of the domestic 3D enterprise, Rui Li Bollywood in stereoscopic display is State Ministry invited to write a number of stereo industry standard; interactive field of stereoscopic video education bear the national "Twelfth Five" major issue the audio and video interactive terminals in collaborative applied research in education "; three-dimensional culture media with domestic three-dimensional portal, stereo shooting team, in 2013 - 2014 start shooting the first 3D large human documentary the ancient Huizhou" is caused by inside and outside the industry attention.

This exhibition, Li Rui Bollywood independent R & D and production of various types of articles 3D glasses caused a lot of attention on the exhibition site. As the world's largest 3D glasses export suppliers. The exhibition will give the Rui Li Bollywood in the development of the 3D industry abroad to positive role in promoting.

Exhibition scene

UNIPOLAR booth site attention

Field display stereoscopic effect

3D UNIPOLAR glasses into bright spots

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