The 2014 Ji'nan Fair opening of Huizhou leaders visited Li Rui Bollywood Pavilion


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In order to enhance exchanges and cooperation in Huizhou and Jinan electronic and information industry enterprises to achieve bilateral exchanges in advanced technology, marketing and management experience, but also for the Huizhou and electronic information industry, product promotion to a perfect platform. July 4th, the Huizhou municipal government and Guangdong provincial commerce department sponsored by the 2014 Huizhou Guangdong product (Ji'nan) fairs grand opening, Huizhou, Ji'nan more than two leaders visit the scene. In order to build this good platform, the Huizhou municipal government and related leadership for the exhibition will pour a lot of energy, and further promote the implementation of Guangdong Shandong cooperation strategy. For exhibitors, with fair quality resources and platform, expand their own brand image and market, make it more actively explore, the Huizhou distinctive side fully show in front of the public.

2014 Huizhou Guangdong product (Ji'nan) Fair opening ceremony of the scene according to

Huizhou, Ji'nan city leaders attended the opening ceremony of the 2014 Ji'nan fairs

As one of the well-known enterprises in Huizhou, Guangdong Rui Li Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Rui Li Bollywood) carrying the latest technological achievements and solid cultural works to exhibitors, and get a number of Huizhou city leaders attach great importance, Huizhou television and other large media also dedicated to Rui Li chairman Pan Hanqiang Bollywood interviews were conducted.

Huizhou city leaders visited Li Rui Bollywood Pavilion

During the exhibition, the Huizhou Municipal Committee, municipal people's Congress Chairman Chen Yiwei, deputy secretary of the municipal, Mayor Michael Michael and other more than a number of leadership visit to the exhibition, inspection and guidance. The exhibition, Rui Li Bollywood shows the latest health 3D glasses, also showcased the new R & D not flash health 3D projection system Q3 and Q5 two products and interaction between school and family education software products "V" etc.. Large 3D human documentary the ancient Huizhou "in the second quarter recently just fixing, in order to allow more people to see a preview of the splendor of the documentary, Rui Li Bollywood culture media division (referred to as: 3D interconnection) before the exhibition specially rushed the wonderful tidbits, Huizhou ancient village falls very unique historical and cultural landscape is presented in front of everyone. During the fair, to visit the booth of many leaders wearing 3D glasses together to watch a documentary, and of the ancient Huizhou "to give a high evaluation.

Exhibitors enjoy the scene of ancient Huizhou "3D" Documentary

Huizhou TV set Prolab chairman Pan Hanqiang Rui (right) interview

At present, the Ji'nan exhibition is still hot, the Trade Fair for strengthening cooperation and win-win in the fields of economic and trade, cultural and other conditions to a good condition. More information can focus 3D Internet official website!

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