Hongkong satellite TV stereo image industry development center was established


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In recent years, with the support and promotion of the national culture industry, the domestic 3D imaging industry has been developed greatly.. As the core part of the 3D industry, 3D film and television content resources has been domestic and foreign common shortage areas, the state of the field gave full support, to provide a good environment and development of it. In 2013, Shenzhen promulgated the "Shenzhen 3D display technology research and development applications and industrialization implementation plan", the implementation of the five projects to support 3D show industry development. In June 2014, the Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries jointly issued on the support for the film development of a number of economic policies, the introduction of support policies to promote the development of 3D film industry. This is China 3D images of the future to a good external environment and development space. In order to a 3D original culture, promote the development of the industry, Hong Kong TV group, Guangdong Rui Li Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. to cooperate hand in hand, to Shenzhen stereo Internet culture media Co., Ltd. as a platform together to "Hong Kong TV stereo imaging industry development center". In July 25, 2014, the center was formally established in Shenzhen Nanshan Shekou net Valley, and held a grand ceremony.

Attend the awarding ceremony of the leadership, Nanshan District vice mayor Sai Xian Cao, Nanshan District, the production office director chenggongkun, Hong Kong TV Group chairman of the board of directors, chief executive officer Hong Xing Gao, Hong Kong TV vice president Liu Yanping, Guangdong Rui Li Baolai science and Technology Co., Ltd., Pan Hanqiang.

Based on the 3D video content produced in the tremendous prospects for the future development, Guangdong Rui Li Bollywood with the Hong Kong TV reached a high degree of consensus, the two sides make joint efforts to integrate various resources and channels, the 3D image of the whole industry chain development. Seek cooperation, big market, big future. As a well-known enterprises in Guangdong, Guangdong Rui Li Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, in 3D culture content creation with a large number of resources, gather a group of professional and technical performance of the 3D film and television filming and production personnel, filmed in 3D production has accumulated rich experience. Has invested in the shooting of the China first to ancient village culture as the theme of large-scale 3D human documentary the ancient Huizhou "(the film won the 2013 China 3D film and television works ion TV special class second-class award); to participate in CCTV 3D test channel feature documentary" ruminate China "," rice "shooting; April 2014, Rui Li Bollywood with the Hong Kong TV cooperation completed filming of large 3D propaganda documentary" into the Yonghe ", can be described as to the two sides further in-depth cooperation in creating a good start.

"Hong Kong TV stereo imaging industry development center was established, its significance far-reaching: first in the development of the 3D industry will effectively make up for the 3D industry development existing the biggest bottleneck -- the lack of 3D content, from the source to solve the 3D industry chain imbalance development trend, so as to promote the development of the 3D industry. Second in the field of global cultural market, compared with advanced countries in the Chinese film and television industry and overseas film and television industry, there is a gap between the objective, the gap can be through the development of 3D direction to be reversed, "development center" of the original 3D works continue to emerge, will gradually narrow the gap of Chinese film and television field and the world in the field of TV, grasp the opportunity to occupy the overseas markets, will be China's film and television content industry through technology upgrading to a new height, to overseas cultural output. Third in the cultivation of professional talent, "development center" will uphold the mode of training and the utility of combining, for the majority of working people in the field of 3D film to provide a complete shape platform and cultivate a group of world-class top technical experts and creative people, to participate in the global 3D video competition reserve force. At the same time, the establishment of the "development center" also indicates that the two sides in 3D television film production areas will better realize resource sharing and complementary advantages. On the basis of fully understanding the basis of favorable policies of central and State Administration of radio, and with a pragmatic and innovative thinking to more of the original 3D film and television products. Through the effective integration of resources, 3D original film and television content to invest in the construction, the development center to the world's top 3D film and television content base. The future development center will load the original content center of China 3D film, 3D film and Television Information Center, 3D television communication platform comprehensive feature. The contribution of the original 3D film industry to China's power.

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