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July 29, to promote sound development of our stereo television pilot channel and related industries, production and channels of communication program running experience, "to promote the China stereo television pilot channel and related industry healthy development" of the symposium held in Beijing Fragrance Hill Hotel.

The meeting presided over by the Deputy Secretary General of China Society of motion picture and television engineers Lu Xiaoli, participating in the meeting with State Administration of Radio Science and Technology Department, deputy director of the Sun Suchuan, administration of radio, film and television publicity management propaganda department of Chung Chi Li, China Visual Association Professional Committee of the work of the Department Director Lin Wei, Central TV editor room, former executive deputy director Wang Jianhong, CTV co 3D Professional Committee of the Secretary General Long Wang Fu, number, general manager of the media Ping Liu, China Central Television (CCTV) 3D project group is responsible for people and the six major TV 3D program department person in charge, 3D content cooperation operation business representative attended. Among them, Guangdong Rui vertical Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to take part in the meeting, 3D culture media industry's established as the South China region's largest 3D television content providers, with many 3D video filming experience and excellent 3D television original content. The Beijing, Rui Li Prolab chairman Pan Hanqiang to discuss with you Chinese 3D test channel of future development of the business model.

Meeting scene

In January 1, 2012, the first launch of Chinese 3D channel, of great significance. At the launch of the two and a half years, channel quality, content, and viewing comfort have made considerable progress, greatly promoted the China's three-dimensional film and television industry development. China 3D television pilot channel launch stimulating the development of stereoscopic TV content production industry, the six provincial and municipal TV stations and social production force exercise program production team and program production capacity. Meeting site, administration of radio, film and Television Department in charge of the leadership and CCTV, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and other television organizations related to leadership, listened to the our 3D TV reports on the situation, and to domestic and foreign stereo TV business situation, development model, 3D television channel transport mechanism of camp, and 3D TV channel development strategy discussion. How to solve the Chinese 3D TV test channel in the national audience awareness, recognition, improve the channel development plan, carry out various programs of the program to propose.

For the lack of 3D content, it has been a difficult problem for the domestic 3D industry to solve a problem that needs to be solved urgently.. This year, various types of original 3D content began to appear through various platforms in the eyes of the audience. Guangdong Rui Li Bora 3D culture media industry (referred to as: 3D interconnection) as a pioneer of the original 3D video content, has now become South China area most influential set of planning, filming, content production and communication integration of film and television media platform. 3D Interconnect early in 2012 China 3D test channel launched at the beginning, with the signing of the cooperation agreement, officially became a 3D test channel content supplier. Just two years, the 3D Internet successively and Hong Kong TV, Shenzhen TV Tianhua media, Tianwei video TV media become close partners, together for the development of domestic 3D channel transport more high quality, various themes of the original video content. Taken under the flag of China's first village falls 3D human documentary the ancient Huizhou "won the 2013 China 3D film and television works ed TV special second-class award; and Hong Kong TV co production of 3d Trailer" into the "Yonghe multi-party praise; 2014 and CCTV participate in shooting 3-D food records the ruminate of China". July 2014, 3D Internet officially established with Hongkong satellite TV, Hongkong satellite TV stereo imaging industry development center ". The future will load the original content center of China 3D film, 3D film and Television Information Center, 3D television communication platform comprehensive feature.

The launch of 3D channel, in addition to increasing the intensity of the production of 3D video content. At the same time, 3D television channel test launch more to speed up the renewal of the television, stimulating the development of consumer information and electronics industry, promote the development of national industry. Roughly measure the home appliance audio-visual equipment manufacturing industry accounted for about 4.79% of the total national GDP, and promote the development of three-dimensional TV will effectively promote the future development of digital audio and video industry in China.

During the meeting, the representatives of the individual work were summarized and analyzed. This paper not only introduces the input of the equipment, but also analyzes the quality of the program record and the quality of the program.. CCTV Fengyun representative is objectively to two and a half years of broadcasting in the stereo TV test channel, operation situation of channel and broadcast content existed problems were statements and analysis, on the 3D TV channels and industry benign development strategy were research projects. The representative of the Shanghai TV station added a speech to the study of the 3D channel and industry operation mode.. During the presence of the guests after intense discussion, field also observe from Shanghai TV's award-winning 3D documentary "mountain spirit of Sichuan snub nosed monkey", the central television station launched "Goldmine" and the foreign 3D TV "and other excellent original 3D film and television works.

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