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In recent years, the breakthrough of the 3D film is mainly produced and projected. To build China's most high-quality 3D original film and television culture, to promote the vigorous development of film and television industry, on August 4, China Television Artists Association Deputy Secretary General long Fan Zongchai, Secretary of the Committee for China Television Artists Association 3D Long Wang Fu, deputy secretary long Xinzhou Chen, Liu Hong Kong TV Group Vice President Yan equal line came to Guangdong Rui Li Baolai science and Technology Co., Ltd. inspection guidance. The same day, vice mayor of Huizhou Liu Guanxian, Huizhou City Cultural Radio and Television News Publishing Bureau, Chuan Shan Luo, Huizhou City Cultural Radio and television news publication bureau deputy director Li Weihua, along with the guests of the Chinese Television Artists Association together 3D movie and TV cultural industry of the future development of communication.

China Artists Association Leadership and Huizhou City Hall leaders Rui Li Prolab

Liu Guanxian, deputy mayor of Huizhou City

Luo Chuanshan, director of the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Cultural Broadcasting and television news and publication

Luo Chuanshan, director of the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Cultural Broadcasting and television news and publication

Huizhou Liu Guanxian, vice mayor of Huizhou City, city, Luo Chuanshan, director of the Cultural Broadcasting and Television News Publishing Bureau, Huizhou City, Li Weihua, deputy director of the Bureau of Cultural Broadcasting and television broadcasting, deputy director, attended the Expert Symposium. At the forum, Huizhou vice mayor Liu Guanxian proposed the target for the construction of the cultural industry in Huizhou. Huizhou City will actively promote the construction of film and cultural projects, from the market to seek cooperation, promote Huizhou culture to the international, which for the Huizhou and the whole of China's cultural industry development are a good thing. Vice Mayor Liu for the future development put forward three requirements: one is to strengthen the innovation, from the standardization and institutionalization level upgrade, narrowing the gap with international; second, we must pay attention to the cultivation of talents, talent construction is fundamental; third, in view from the perspective of enterprise development, based on a long term. The film industry project is rooted in Huizhou for a major significance to the enterprise as head, the form of government support to build, break through difficulties, and give full play to the important role of mutual cooperation.

Liu Yanping, vice president of Hongkong satellite TV Group


China Artists Association Committee Secretary 3D Wang Fu

Guangdong Rui Li Prolab Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Pan Hanqiang

Lead a group photo

Hong Kong TV vice president Liu Yanping for 3D film industry development model put forward his own point of view: "for China to achieve resources, capital and technology advantage complementary, Qiangqiang jointly is an ideal way for cooperation. We have learned in collaboration with Hollywood eight major studios that they will have a copy of the 3D version of the market for the Chinese market, which will be prepared for the Chinese market.. In China, the emergence of the film festival and the 3D film and television activities in the past two years often heard, as is the world's eyes gathered together. From the above point of view, the Chinese market has become an international rush to the place, the huge film market development prospects."

China Television Artists Association 3D committee secretary Long Wang Fu at the meeting said: "the State Administration of radio, film and television for the construction of 3D channel also began to intensify, has formally issued by the relevant open 3D - 4K channel construction intention description, 3D channels continue to improve, is combined with 4K to. The news also let us see the SARFT for the central 3D test channel's future construction full of confidence. Next, we have to do is to strengthen the construction of 3D content, not only win in quality, should in the number of win, make China become the main countries within Asia and 3D programming. And Huizhou the place with culture, I believe in Rui Li Bollywood enterprises lead to in the film and television industry more miracles, gradually developed a set of creative, production, production, distribution, industry standard in various 3D film and television industry chain. Bring good things to Huizhou, so that the local film and television culture as China and the international one of the "cultural cards"."

Guangdong Rui Li Baolai science and Technology Co., Ltd., Pan Hanqiang on the company's current development situation was introduced in detail, the Rui Li Bora was established in 2005, as South China 3D television cultural industry leading enterprises, in terms of cultural creation of 3D content to have a lot of resources, gather a group of professional and technical performance of the 3D film and television filming and production personnel, in 3D shooting production has accumulated rich experience. Has invested in the shooting of the China first to ancient village culture as the theme of large-scale 3D human documentary the ancient Huizhou "(the film won the 2013 China 3D film and television works ion TV special class second-class award); to participate in CCTV 3D test channel feature documentary" ruminate China "," rice "shooting; April 2014, Rui Li Bollywood with the Hong Kong TV cooperation completed filming of large 3D propaganda documentary" into the Yonghe ". July 2014, Hong Kong TV group, Guangdong Rui Li Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. cooperate hand in hand, on the platform of Shenzhen City three-dimensional internet culture media Co., Ltd., together to a "Hong Kong TV stereo imaging industry development center". The formal start of the original 3D film and television joint development. "Development center" is also the Huizhou municipal government, Huizhou radio and television press and Publication Bureau to lead the high attention.

Although the domestic 3D imaging industry has been developed, but the shortage of 3D original content status quo has not been fundamentally changed. With the state of the cultural industry to foster and promote, June 2014, the Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries jointly issued the "of certain economic policies to support the development of the film on the notice", the introduction of supportive policies to promote the development of 3D film industry. This is China 3D images of the future to a good external environment and development space. Future, Rui Li Bollywood as the representative of China 3D enterprises will continue to forge ahead in the development of 3D film industry in China, from the source to solve the 3D industry lack of content imbalance situation. Through the effective integration of resources to devote to the construction of the original 3D video content, the Chinese Television Artists Association, leader of the south line of investigation will be seeking cross regional exchanges, to arrange the resource of the new starting point, to build China into international top 3D video content output power and power savings.

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