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The 3D Internet News: September 19, chairman of the Hong Kong Hong Xing Gao TV group, vice president of Liu Yanping, Hong Kong TV institutions Shanxi President Ma Xiaofeng etc. line came to Guangdong Rui vertical Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Rui Li Bollywood) inspection guidance. On the same day, the Rui set of Bollywood chairman Pan Hanqiang, 3D culture media division general manager Zhao accompanied, Hong Kong TV group leader of Rui Li Bollywood, environment and science and technology achievements for visit and guidance.

Meeting scene

Hongkong satellite TV Group Leadership

Rui Li Prolab chairman Pan Hanqiang to explain the leadership of scientific and technological achievements

The leadership, mainly to guide the Rui Li Bollywood involved the 3D original film and television work in the field of communication, and Rui Li Bollywood's launch of the household type 3D projection and Indoor Golf 3D view to simulate the swing system and other products for observation and experience. Conference room, the presence of guests is Rui Li Bora 3D culture media division captured large 3D human documentary the ancient Huizhou "trailers to appreciate, chairman Pan Hanqiang group company the existing achievements and products were introduced and explained.

July 2014, in order to a 3D original culture, promote the development of the industry, Hong Kong TV group, Guangdong Rui Li Baolai Technology Co., Ltd. to cooperate hand in hand, to Shenzhen stereo Internet culture media Co., Ltd. as a platform together to "Hong Kong TV stereo image industry development center was formally established. Around the center, Hong Kong TV group and Shenzhen 3D interconnection, Guangdong Rui Li Bollywood maintained to original 3D fine development, determined to become in South China and even the world's largest 3D film and television works birthplace.

Lead a group photo

Hong Kong TV Group CEO Hong Xing Gao at the meeting said: "in order to become bigger and stronger, the television media institutions and enterprises cooperation is a kind of ideal cooperation, in-depth 3D imaging industry rapid development, efforts to resolve the original 3D content shortage situation, and state support for the industrialization and promote, future, we through the effective integration of resources, resources as a starting point for the core, savings talents and technological forces, as the top international 3D video content output more boutique."

At the end of the conference, Rui Li Bollywood Group Chairman Pan Hanqiang now stage the business scope and future development direction and the leadership of the scene of communication, leaders on both sides is the next direction of cooperation and opinions reached a consensus.

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